Hailed as unique, superb, mesmerizing, total theatre, a different type of aesthetic experience, and so on, the press and audience everywhere had been euphoric about the live performance every time, for more than 120 shows all over India and abroad.

Earlier known as Kathokatay Agomani or Agomoni (Homecoming), Umar Katha narrates the myth of Uma’s visit to her earthly mother’s place coinciding with Durga Puja. It turns out to be an universal story of daughter’s visit to her mother involving everyday drama, emotional ups and downs, charming and funny aspects of life, and agonies and ecstasies of the dramatis personae.

Research, script, direction and
performance: Dr. Ashish Ghosh

Rooted in Bengal’s performance tradition, the 80 minute solo performance by Ashish Ghosh, accompanied by four musicians and a technical support, revives and synthesizes two near extinct forms -- Agomani-Vijaya genre of songs as written and composed by the saint poets like Ramprasad and Kamalakanta, and kathokata style of enactment.

Kathokata is an extremely interesting narrative style; the single performer playing different roles, singing, dancing, playing little musical instruments, handling properties for visual imageries, and enacting numerous roles — all simultaneously. In Umar Katha, the depths of musical poetry matches the virtuosity of Kathokata performance.

One has to see to believe the emotive and aesthetic extravaganza in Umar Katha.

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