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“…simply superb”—Heading by Leela Venkataraman, The Hindu, New Delhi
“Ashish…gives a virtuoso performance… turns it into total theatre…Well done!”Utpal K. Banerjee, “Domesticity of Divinities, 26June 2005 
“Here was a rewarding effort in creating new norms and grammar for devising a universal language of theatre…The presentation is rich pedagogical source material that must be used.”Ramesh Chander, The Hindu, New Delhi, June 10, 2005
“Ashish’s soulful singing could convey emotions effortlessly, his dancing as a natural outburst of joy and his dramatizing was enhanced with creative and thoughtful handling of simple properties like chanwar or the conch shell.”—Manjari Sinha, The Hindu, June 10, 2005
“The main thing is that the flow was so natural that the presentation never appeared to be structured.” –Sangam Pandeya, Jansatta (Hindi), New Delhi, 29 May, 2005
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Research, script, direction and
performance: Dr. Ashish Ghosh
“Unique synthesis of narrative styles” (Heading) “He narrated, sang, danced, portrayed different roles, played the cymbals and…enthralled the audience.”—Sovon Som, The Telegraph
“Heaven is no place for girls” (Heading) “What makes Ghosh’s presentation so powerful is the human element to the story.” —Bishakha De Sarkar, The Telegraph
“…combined three centuries of Bengali literature…and music in a unique manner”. Anshuman Bhowmick, The Telegraph
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