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“Song, Narration and Devotion---All Tuned Together” (Heading) “Certainly he delivered dialogues and talked with professional finesse but he sang and sang to magical effect. Walking and swaying, ghungroos jingling around his feet and a garland adorning his neck, Ghosh the impromptu dancer gave excellent support to Ghosh the vocalist… A totally new kind of aesthetic experience”—Prithwiraj Roy, The Statesman
“With ghungroos on his feet he is a different man” (Heading)—Karuna M. John, Delhi Mid-Day
“…exhilarating union…where the singer is also the actor, the musician and the narrator”—First City
“A Storytellers Tale” (Heading) “The secret (of Ghosh’s success) lies in meeting the challenge of preventing folk forms of art from becoming fossilised, by reintroducing them in an urbanised world”—Shirin, The Indian Express
“Exquisitely rich…successfully fuses elements of music, song, dance, drama and story telling”—The Pioneer
“Update for the new age” (Heading) “Ashish Ghosh…the DU Political Science prof who dabbled in children’s theatre…is less concerned with the ritual aspect and more with the way it captures the social milieu of the 18th century.” –Shana M Verghis in The Pioneer
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Research, script, direction and
performance: Dr. Ashish Ghosh
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