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“Agomani-Ganer manogyo anushthan” (Heading in Bengali meaning “Soulful rendition of Agomani songs”) “Recently we got some idea of the original style of Agomani singing…Ashish has charmed the Kolkata audience with his beautiful story, songs and acting. His voice is attractive, strong and easy in all the three octaves.”—Barin Majumdar, Ananda Bazar Patrika
“Woven in lucid colloquial language and easy flowing in description, the melodious artist kept us spell bound for 70 minutes”—Srijan Bhattacharya, Samvad Pratidin
“The presentation is different”—Ganashakti
“Reinventing Traditional Folklore” (Heading) “Although the plot is based on mythological stories, Ashish has added details which gives a contemporary relevance to the presentation…the audience will be forced to recognise tales of everyday life in an art form which merges the humane and the divine and gives a universal appeal to simple tales of rural life.”—Priyanka Dasgupta, The Asian Age
“His long association with theatre has made it easy for him to find dramatic possibilities in kathokata…The presentation is indeed beautiful and different”—Bartaman
“Ghosh deserves very big hand as an artist”—The Statesman
“This Kathokata, this agomani, is a gift to be remembered for long”—Shukla Roy, Aajkaal
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Research, script, direction and
performance: Dr. Ashish Ghosh
“The wonder man…Ghosh’s operational skill was so all-embracing that his one-and-half hour recital seemed to get etched out in mind for its vividness, variety and virtuosity.”—Debu Mazumdar, The Hindustan Times
“Soloist at Work” (Heading) “A Professor of political science and well known director of children’s theatre, Ghosh dug into childhood memories of agomani songs heard in his native Murshidabad and researched songs and stories composed by the saint poets of Bengal…to create his performance.” —Kavita Nagpal, The Hindustan Times
“Ghosh, an academician as well as a theatre activist, has successfully captured the essence of narration in the pala style…(he) has also done quite an amount of research delving into the past…The performance is worth seeing”—Rumjhum Gupta, The Times of India
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