Ebaar Phirao More (Call of the Roots) was successfully inaugurated at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi by Impresario India on 11 March, 2012. The immediate response was that it must travel to the Bengal heartland. It has done four more shows, two in Bengali and two in English (with Bengali songs) to a mesmerised audience. This innovative stage presentation is created out of Tagore’s songs, poetry, plays, novels, stories, essays and letters to communicate Tagore's longing for Mukti which, he believed, can be attained by breaking social barriers. He did not succeed but waited for a poet who could link life, defying all boundaries. The title has been taken from his stirring poem written in 1894 when he came in close contact with the subjects of his family zamindari. The presentation encapsulates the poet’s life-long yearning for coming out of his stationed confinement and be part of the commonplace.

Research, script, direction and
performance: Dr. Ashish Ghosh

City bred man as he was, the poet incessantly called for getting back to the roots. One can recall many of his initiatives - Sriniketan, Graming Bank, Cooperatives, Education Initiatives and organising mela for rural and urban artist to share a common platform.

And yet, at the fag end of his life, full of achievements, he repented that his multi-dimensional works have not embraced whole of humanity. He still waits for the poet of the soil who can sing for his people. What a magnanimous submission by a great man!

The presentation ends face to face with the issue: where do we stand in the twenty first century? Can we have Mukti ignoring the ignoble, the poor, the destitute?

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