Actor, director, singer and a leading children's theatre activist. Dr. Ghosh is the founder-President of ANANT (An Association for Nascent Art and Natural Theatre). Plays directed and workshops conducted by him are distinct in appeal and use, and have gone to places in India and abroad.

He is currently the President of ASSITEJ India which has affiliated members from all over India working in Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA). ASSITEJ India is affiliated, in turn, to ASSITEJ, a global body spread over 90 countries. He and his associates have traveled all over the world participating in international deliberations--Festivals, Directors' Meet, Seminars, Workshops, Jury and plays.

During his tenure of ASSITEJ India, several initiatives have been taken--organizing International Festival of Theatre for Children and Young Audiences (TYA) named "Tifli", Storytelling for children by actors called "Tell-a-Tale", ASSITEJ Asian Meet, Playwrights Intensive. He has facilitated collaborations with prestigious institutions like India International Centre, The Habitat World, University of Delhi, Hyderabad Central University, Max Mueller Bhavan, Korean Cultural Centre, Italian Cultural Institure, Kennedy Center at Washington DC, and so on.

In the midst of this major commitment in , he has found time to create new plays, act under eminent directors in theatre and films.

Research, script, direction and
performance: Dr. Ashish Ghosh
Reading his play at the Playwrights Slam in Copenhagen ASSITEJ World Congress, 2011
Close Group Deliberation at Warsaw ASSITEJ World Congress, 2014
With Yevette Hardie, President of ASSITEJ (Global), at the Inauguration of the First Tifli in February, 2014 at New Delhi
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